Necrobabes and Chloroform

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Necrobes and Chloroform are forms of sexual fetishes in which a woman either pretends to be unconscious as if knocked out by chloroform or plays dead as if killed by her victimiser.

It is important to stress that these fetishes are strictly make-believe and have no basis in reality. There is a huge difference between somebody playing dead or unconcious and somebody actually being killed or beaten senseless etc... Chloroform in TV shows, movies etc. is often shown as being something that simply puts someone to restful sleep when in reality it could drive a person from unconsciousness to coma and to even death. It is also not easily acquired either (thankfully).

It is not the same thing to watch a pile of women playing dead as to watch an actual pile of bodies torn to pieces by bullets and shrapnel in some massacre.

Caution: in the United States, images of sexual activity with a human corpse may constitute an offence under the Criminal Justice and immigration Act 2008 - 'Extreme Pornography.' Take care that you are aware of this law and take appropriate precautions to avoid prosecution.


Originally the name Necrobabes was coined from the site of the same name that started this kind of fetish trend on the internet. Ever since, quite a few other sites that go from mild to absolute extreme have popped up all over the net, RUE morgue being the more extreme in this category. MFX and Dragon films also used to produce Necrobabes/Chloroform/Catfights etc. material from the late 1990s until the owner was arrested on indecency and a few other charges which probably had to do with their latest ventures into scat and other fetish material which their customers found less pleasant to view.

In this type of photoset or video, the victimiser (who can either be male or female) either knocks out his or her victim with chloroform or kills her with whatever they have available. Most times when it comes to Necrobabes types, it involves strangulation or asphyxia. It could also include the use of weapons from knives and swords to all kinds of firearms. Sometimes, the victimiser finds his or her victim already dead and takes advantage of the situation.

Another variation is the body pile in which a group of limp either senseless or lifeless beauties are piled and posed together erotically.

What takes place after the victim is unconscious or dead?

In most cases, the victimiser removes whatever clothing the victim had on until she is totally or nearly naked, after which they then proceed to pose the victim in an erotic fashion.

Carrying and lifting the victim is also common; in fact, quite a few erotic wrestling or catfight videos and photosets from various companies include this type of thing of the winner carrying the loser thriumphantly around, posing it etc... The ones most notorious for this are Women's world videos and Double Trouble Wrestling.

Another thing which happens especially in photosets or videos from sites such as NecroPorn and the former MFX/Dragon films is the sexual molestation of the victim. Videos that just showcase sexual molestation to somebody who does not move nor responds to stimulation get boring quickly though - so most simply combine all or most of the elements described.

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