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The Other World Kingdom (OWK) was a large commercial BDSM facility and resort, which was created in a large farm located in Černá, Czech Republic in 1996. It was well known for the large size of its amenities and for the parties it organized. It was available to male submissives only. A large staff of permanent dominants — or "madames" as they called themselves ("Madame Loreen", "Madame Nicole", etc.) — ruled over submissives. They usually wore what could be considered the OWK "uniform" of a white button-down shirt, black leather pants, black leather boots (usually thigh-high stilettos), black gloves, and black jacket with the OWK blue and red crest on the sleeve. Often they had bondage belts upon which hung handcuffs, chains, keys and other implements. Many variations in attire were seen, however, and the ladies were known to wear everything from jeans to lingerie. Their emphasis, based on commercial videos they sold at their location and from their website, tended to be on spanking, flogging and other forms of corporal punishment. There was also some very blunt and unsubtle verbal and physical humiliation, such as name-calling, spitting, forced ashtray use, and slapping. The forms of domination appeared to be severe, with little if any sensuality or seductive qualities. Psychodrama did not seem to be a concept the ladies there understand or practice. There was reportedly NO sexuality or sexual contact at the OWK, and the behaviour seen in videos seems to bear this out.

The complex itself was extraordinary, located on several acres and consisting of many buildings, dungeons (possibly converted wine cellars), stables, horse tracks, and huge ballrooms. The furniture was primarily mid-19th century central European in style. The original use of the estate was not disclosed on the website, and the history of how it passed into the hands of the BDSM owners, or even exactly who the BDSM owners were, is unknown.

The OWK became famous and was a support for many male fantasies of long term submission. They offered various "packages" of domination, from a day to a week and from mild to extremely severe, for a considerable cost. The OWK was an attempt at a real life creation of the places described in novels such as Story of O or Exit to Eden, only it was apparently more severe and extreme.

Founding Principles

  1. The OWK is a private state, founded on the principle of a slave holding, Matriarchal monarchy.
  2. The OWK was founded on June 1, 1996 by Her Majesty Queen Patricia I .
  3. The OWK is governed on the basc principle that the woman is always, everywhere, and in everything superior to the man.
  4. A woman in the OWK has the undeniable right to own and use slaves. The OWK is a nation without borders and may extend its reaches to anywhere on Earth.
  5. The OWK as a true state is governed by its own Laws and Regulations, and has its own currency, passports, courts, flag, hymn, police force, and prison.

Social and Political Structure

The OWK is ruled by a single and undeniable ruler, Her Majesty Queen Patricia I. Her Majesty issues and amends Laws and other legal norms, and rules over the OWK by means of the Office of the Supreme Administrator, the Queen's Court, and the Queen's Guard. The superior, noble, social class is formed by Sublime Ladies, who are Lady citizens of the OWK from around the world. They can be named by the Queen into State and Court functions. The subordinate class is made up of males who have voluntarily decided to live their life according to the principles and laws of the Queen. The lowest class is made up of male slaves, who have forfeited all rights and freedoms and are private property of either their Lady Owner or the OWK.

Functions of the OWK

The OWK was open year round for visitors who wished to practice their lifestyles in a controlled, friendly, and peaceful environment. It was a popular destination of professional dominatrices, dominant women who wished to have unlimited comfort and freedom, and male submissives who wished to serve these dominant women. The grounds of the OWK provided many ways for a dominant woman to train her slaves. Males were used as furniture, maids, servants, shoe shiners, whipping boys, etc. They were also trained by Ladies to be human dogs, human ponies, and rickshaw boys. The grounds included a racetrack in which Ladies competed in human pony races, a dog kennel and horse stable in which human dogs and horses were kept during the night, and an all-male powered electricity wheel. There were also several public pillories, which male slaves can be locked into. Males were oftentimes left to hang, naked, in these pillories on display for up to 24 hours. There they were subject to the whips of any Lady who happened to walk by. The most spectacular feature of the grounds was an actual underground prison. It was a very close replica of a medieval dungeon. It was complete with cells, shackles, cages, and torture devices. Male slaves could be imprisoned for breaking an OWK law, at the will of his Lady owner, or at his own will.

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