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Primal play in the kink context means play that gets to a place where the masks of civilisation can fall away and allow acting on urges and impulses more directly. These can be raw, rough sexual feelings, but they could also be joy, silliness, deep feelings of love and intimacy, feelings of deep tenderness, even sadness and grief.

“Primal” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “rough” (though it often may); it’s more a matter of being raw and unfiltered, whatever the feelings present are. The term Primal may refer to a type of play, an identity, or a style of relationships; primal play is often synonymous with pet play. Primal play frequently contains elements of fear play.

Primal tendencies often do not often conform to rigorous structures involved with protocol but often do have a dom/sub element which is often established through some form of dominance display.

Primal play is sometimes subdivided into preferred roles:

  • Primal Predator: A primal who seeks to hunt and attempt to capture prey.
  • Primal Prey: A primal who seeks to be hunted by a predator.

It is important to note that intentionally evoking raw and unfiltered emotions and reactions can sometimes lead to increased safety risks (emotionally and physically) due to loss of self control. Because of this potential, some may consider primal play to be a form of edge play.

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