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School roleplay is a type of roleplay in which adults take on the role of a schoolboy or schoolgirl (see also Ageplay).

Typically, their partner plays the role of their guardian or authority figure, such as a teacher or headmaster. This allows for a wide range of possible punishment scenes that are based on stereotypical adult/schoolchild interaction, especially those stricter methods that were once common in the past, such as caning and spanking. People who specialise in this roleplay are ageplayers who are occasionally called schoolies

Schoolies often wear school uniforms or other childlike clothing, such as shorts or pleated miniskirts, for a more realistic feeling. Men may cross-dress as schoolgirls; women dressing as boys is less common.

Guardian/schoolie BDSM play is in many ways different from Master/slave play, although both are a form of consensual power exchange.


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