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Some SM action in a Second Life dungeon
Second Life is an internet-based virtual world in which users, called "Residents", interact with each other through motional avatars. Residents can explore, meet other Residents, socialise, participate in individual and group activities, and buy items (virtual property) and services from one another. The website is age restricted and as such has a high amount of sexual content.

Within the context of BDSM, the website has a number of locations where residents can engage in cybersex and scenes with other residents in virtual dungeons. In practice, interacting with people in Second Life is done in much the same way as with IRC.

Second Life is free to join and play, although if you want to equip your avatar in the latest fetish fashions and equipment then you will need to start spending real money, although the sums involved are not large. To support this desire to equip one's avatar with the latest virtual accessories, Second Life has developed an extensive virtual economy in which almost anything from land to sexual favours can be traded.

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