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Shaving as a method of hair removal can feature in several different fetish and BDSM activities.

Prison scenes or concentration camp roleplay often involve the submissive having their head shaved as part of a ritual. Medical play will often also involve shaving of the submissive's genital area or other bodily areas.

Some people, especially females, remove their pubic hair to improve their experience during intercourse. Many women and a few men shave their armpits to improve their appearance in sleeveless clothing or for personal hygiene.

Many activities involving cross-dressing and feminisation (especially forced feminisation) also involve bodily shaving, although alternatively waxing can be used. Shaving is very important for transvestites; this may include not only the face but the arms and legs.

Some people could even have a fetish for the act of shaving itself, or more specifically being shaved by another, often while in bondage and against their will, perhaps as part of forced feminisation.

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