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A size queen is a woman or man who prefers a larger-than-average penis in a sexual partner. The term originated in the gay community in the 1960s, but has in recent years been applied to women as well, as their image becomes more assertive in the media.


The existence of size queens is not in doubt. There are always some people who have a specific preference for certain body shapes and sizes. Any debate is generally about how common such size queens actually are. Also, it may be possible to have a mild preference, but not be termed a size queen. Surveys are still not conclusive, but it appears that the majority of women do not rank penis size as a major factor for interpersonal attractiveness.

Many view size queens as mere role-play. There may be various motives, such as to put down men or feel dominant. Alternatively, some professional dominatrixes pretend to be size queens entirely for the sake of their male clients, especially those involved in small penis humiliation, a fetish where the male actually enjoys hearing the woman extol the virtues of larger genitals and ridicules the male's supposed inadequacies. Some question whether most women are truly interested in the size question, and view it as merely a male obsession. This is because the most sensitive of the vaginal sexual response nerves are in the area closest to the opening, and many women find penetration during intercourse painful when it reaches near the cervix. A common comment in fora is that the women answering find very large penises uncomfortable, very small penises unsatisfactory, and prefer above average girth to above average length.

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