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Rubber skinhead
Rubber skinhead in bondage

Skinhead is a subculture that started in Britain out of the intersection of Jamaican ska and reggae and working class youth. The skinhead look has been appropriated by 'white power' neo-Nazis, but is also used by those in the fetish and specifically gay fetish community as an image or character archetype.

The male skinhead image combines closely shaved or cropped hair with boots (lace-up Doc Martens style), tight jeans and Fred Perry polo shirts. This image has also crossed over into the leather culture and rubber fetish scenes, and latex versions of Fred Perry-style polo shirts are sold by a number of vendors. Rubber jeans are also often available in "skinhead" style, which are skinnier fit than standard and often designed to tuck into Doc Martens-style boots.

The skinhead image is not so prevalent outside the gay community, although there is a fetish for bald women.

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