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Snowballing is the name of a practice that involves the transfer of semen (spunk, cum) back and forth from the mouth of one person to another, either by kissing, dribbling or spitting.

In a heterosexual context, snowballing may appeal to a male who wishes to adopt a passive or submissive role (there is no such role in conventional fellatio). Alternatively, a couple may simply find pleasure in the sharing of an experience. Two women sharing a man might also snowball either to share the experience or because it is a compliment and a turn-on to the man.

Snowballing is often featured in pornography, sometimes as part of a practice called bukkake. Here, men generally adopt the dominant role, and semen is passed between women's mouths.

Because snowballing involves the exchange of bodily fluids without any barrier, it is not a form of safer sex. Risks are presumably similar to those of unprotected fellatio.

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