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Swimmer in swim cap and speedsuit

Swim caps are cheap open bags of latex, for keeping the hair dry when swimming but sometimes also usable as accessories in fetish dressing. They are available in colours ranging from black to vibrant tones but often with logos printed on them. There are also pricier versions with decorations, but these are mostly styled for the elderly.



They dry off quickly but should be washed and allowed to dry completely before storage - bodily substances from hair are mostly oil based and will not only stink after moist storage, but also rot the material.


They are produced by the millions and cheap, but material qualities vary and with that the smell.


These cost about three times as much as latex swim caps. They are claimed to be more stretchable and durable, and are available in translucent colours.

Use in breathplay

  • Cons: Unless you are blessed with a small head, a swim cap stretched over the face might quickly start to compress the skin uncomfortably under the chin. Also, it might not stay in place unless you first have another swim cap over the hair to increase the friction to sufficient levels.
  • Pros: It is easy to cut a round hole of appropriate size in the optimal spot for a continuous but limited fresh air exchange. A suitable volume of air fits in the loose hanging part of the swim cap, at least for those new to the art.

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