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Tease and denial is an erotic practice in which teasing is combined with orgasm denial or control in the context of a D/s dynamic. The period of orgasm denial may be brief, or may extend almost indefinitely through the use of chastity devices.

Male denial

Most online and pornographic discussions of tease and denial seem to be in a femdom context; one can only presume that the same is true of actual practice. The general theory of this approach seems to be to keep a man horny, and thus more easily controlled, by making him wait longer than usual between orgasmic relief. It is also often combined with practices such as begging the mistress to be allowed to come, or being required to repeat his mistress's name over and over while he actually orgasms, or to eat his own seminal fluid afterwards.

Within a session, this practice can be particularly suited to a female top/male bottom couple in which the male finds cooperation in his own submission appropriate. For example, a man can be repeatedly made to masturbate almost to the point of orgasm, but not to go over the edge, or he can be fucking his mistress for her satisfaction but required to stop short of his own.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about tease and denial is that it clearly exists as a male fantasy. It is interesting that some men get aroused to the point of orgasm by fantasizing about not being allowed to orgasm.

Female denial

Many female subs are taught to surrender control of their orgasm release. They may be required to maintain themselves at a stage of arousal close to coming for a time. Or required to ask permission before coming, or to come on command. The training necessary to achieve this usually takes some time, and is a continuing project in such relationships.

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