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British dominant, currently living in England. Born in 1958. One of the sysops on this site.


Naturally dominant (especially within partnerships), I had a slave even before being involved with BDSM and although I prefer long-term ownership, I have had short-term subs/slaves.

I contribute to Wipipedia in several areas, not necessarily of direct interest nor enjoyment. These include matters on the edge of my knowledge so never worry about expanding or correcting something just because I wrote it. Although I will sometimes import copyright-free content from other sources, I am more likely to originate something and ensure it has the context and slant appropriate to an encyclopaedia dedicated to BDSM and fetish.

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Current Wipipedia stats: it's 11:07 on 25 June 2024; we're running MediaWiki 1.19.23 and have 1,698 articles (out of 5,416 total pages) maintained by 2,503 users.

Thanks to Schneelocke for this code

BDSM or fetish article on Wikipedia up for deletion

Areas of Wipipedia I intend to work on sometime...

(but don't make that stop you!)

  • Copyright/decency issues/licence to use this site (2 out of 3 done)
  • Slavery - wrote once and lost it
  • Internal enslavement - wrote once and it was lost
  • Abuse (inc. how to tell it from dominance and how to avoid it from a sub)
  • Responsibility (as in dominance)
  • Authority (as in dominance)
  • Arrogance (vs. Dominance)
  • Obedience (have written on this somewhere...)
  • Training (what it can mean in minimum and at its fullest)
  • Relationship (pulling together several areas and highlighting the distinction under BDSM of 'players' and 'relaters' [what is a good word for that?])
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