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AtomAge magazine (later AtomAge International magazine) was a fetish magazine published in Britain by the clothes designer John Sutcliffe in the 1970s as an offshoot of his AtomAge fetish clothing business. The first AtomAge clothing catalogue was published in 1965; the first issue of the magazine in A5 format was published in 1972, remaining in print until 1980. The magazine specialised in leather, rubber and PVC fetishism, with a heavy emphasis on rubber and leather catsuits, cloaks, and gas masks. In 1981, the publication was split in two: AtomAge Rubberist (similar to the original AtomAge) and AtomAge Bondage (which contained more overtly BDSM content). Sutcliffe made this decision because the bondage material he began to introduce in the late 1970s issues of the original AtomAge bothered some rubber enthusiasts. Both magazines remained in print until 1985.

One of Sutcliffe's main goals was to dignify the popular perception of fetish. He is regarded as one of the patron saints of the world-wide Rubberist community as a result. Some of the clothes John Sutcliffe designed can be seen in the TV series The Avengers.

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