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The Body Modification Ezine is a online magazine (as opposed to traditional print/newsstand) that chronicles the current and historical body modification world internationally; covering tattoos, piercings, suspension and ritual, scarification, and similar acts in its public sections. It also has a members area called BME/extreme which focuses on implants, amputation, eunuchs, subincision, saline inflation, silicone, and other heavy body transformations, as well as an adults-only area called BME/HARD which covers the erotic application of these modifications and acts, including CBT.

It was started as a web site in 1994 by Mr. Shannon Larratt (who goes by the nickname of Glider online) and is the first and by far the largest body modification web site. BME is highly informational and offers evidence to counter many myths about body modification and the body modification community, and has many FAQs and an online encyclopedia and documentation of risks and safety information.

BME was further expanded in 2000 by the addition of the community oriented IAM site, which in 2004 superseded non-member chat services, although a public personals system was left online. Growing concerns over political issues of personal expression, and practices that could be considered acts of "performing medicine without a license" as it relates to areas such as amputation, implants and mutilation were covered more actively as they became mainstream and legislation banning them started to become more prevalent.

They also have an extensive wiki covering the subject of body modification.

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