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Male Genitorture is a sadomasochistic activity on the male genitals. Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) or just Cock torture (CT) is the primary activity.

It is important to read the Health and safety information


So What's the Thrill?

Obviously the penis or "cock" is the organ of the male body most effectively wired for pleasurable sensation, and there are huge stretches of the pleasure/pain boundary to be explored in its vicinity. But arguably more important is the psychological angle: for many men, cocks are the centre of sexuality and a symbol of sexual potency and when someone helplessly undergoes abuse of his most precious appendage the psychological charge is immense. A site normally associated with indulgent pleasure is being transformed into a vulnerable target for punishment and pain. There are also clear links between CT and interests in sexual control and chastity.

The balls are highly sensitive, particularly to pressure. Most men find handling, stroking and squeezing gently is a pleasurable sensation in itself, and the boundary between strong sensation and outright pain seems particularly malleable here. For many people there is also the thrill that the balls are regarded as probably the most delicate and vulnerable part of the male anatomy and using them in SM games requires great trust and carries a particularly intense charge.

There are various parts of the male genitals to be cruel to:

Glans (head)
Urethral opening or meatus
Testicles and Scrotum

Some Special Techniques

Cock bondage
Lotions & Potions
Heat and cold (Temperature play, Ice play, and Wax play)
Clothes peg
Piercing (temporary and permanent)
Scratching and pinching


Slap, punch, flick, squeeze and twist (all very gently)
Ball bondage toys
Cords, ropes, laces, and bandages (take great care)
A classic basic tie is a loop around the base of cock and balls, a loop around the neck of the scrotum and then a loop between the balls to force them apart. leather and fetish shops usually have a range of (usually leather, sometimes rubber or neoprene) toys with various arrangements of straps purpose made for ball bondage, for example: Cock and ball straps and dividers anchor the balls in place round the root of the scrotum and cock and pass around the scrotum vertically to separate the balls.
Stretchers, parachutes, Humbler, weights (be very careful with weights)
Clamps, cling film (saran wrap), elastic bandages (Ace bandages).
Ordinary pencil, small soft "cat o'nine tails" (in fact a flogger, specifically called ball whip).
Other specialist techniques
Elastrators, electricity, play piercing and shaving.
Kicking or hitting with the knee.


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