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Latex mini-dress
Striped mini-dress
Leather mini-dress

A dress is a garment consisting of a skirt combined with a top (usually of the same material) to make one item that covers a large part of the body. It may have long or short sleeves or be sleeveless. It usually covers the shoulders or has shoulder straps to help keep it up.

In modern western societies it is considered an exclusively female garment. It is therefore often preferred to trousers by transvestites and cross-dressers. Conversely, it may be avoided by butch females.

Like other garments, it can be made of fetish materials such as leather, rubber and PVC.

A dress with a very short skirt part is called a mini-dress. Dresses which are tightly-fitting, or which have low necklines and/or high hemlines, or are revealing in other ways, can often have sexualized connotations.

In the Gor series of novels, the most commonly worn attire of kajirae is loosely-fitting sleeveless minidresses, often slit at the sides or with a deeply-plunging neckline in front; these are termed "slave tunics" in the books.

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