Spanking skirt

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Spanking skirt

A spanking skirt or spank skirt is a skirt with an additional opening in the back designed to expose the buttocks. Sometimes it is backless except for straps at the waist, hem and one or two in between to hold it on. It should be worn without panties to use the opening fully. A dress, the lower part of which is designed like a spanking skirt, is called a spanking dress.

While the name spank skirt suggests that the wearer could be spanked on his or her bare bottom without removing or repositioning the skirt, this item may be worn for reasons other than spanking (for instance, humiliation).

Considered fetish wear, spank skirts are typically tight-fitting and made of fetishistic materials such as leather, PVC or rubber.

Regardless of the gender of the wearer, spank skirts are usually considered female attire. The male gender role equivalent might be chaps.

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