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Voluntary skirt-up

Skirt up is a condition in which a person wearing a skirt or dress has that garment positioned so that the hem is raised significantly. In extreme cases, the skirt’s hem may be near or above the wearer's waist, allowing the panties (or lack of them) to be seen.

A wearer of a skirt may have it attain such a condition in any of the following manners:

  1. The wearer of the skirt raises it themselves, by taking hold of any part of it (usually the hem) with their hand(s) and lifting or pushing upwards, perhaps as a form of intentional exhibitionism, or by being coerced by another party;
  2. The skirt is positioned in a like manner by another party for a spanking or for a similar punishment in which the wearer is compelled to expose any part of their body beyond the length of the original hem;
  3. There may be a traditional prank, similar to pantsing, in which the wearer has their skirt unexpectedly and raised against their will by another party, maybe for humiliation;
  4. The hem of the skirt becomes caught on some inanimate object, and the skirt itself is accidentally raised by it;
  5. The wearer of the skirt performs a physical action such as dancing, spinning or jumping in such a manner that the skirt by itself is raised by natural centrifugal force, as often happens in ice skating or sports such as tennis and netball;
  6. The wearer of the skirt bends their body at the waist either forward or backward to an extent that the opposite side of the skirt is raised beyond the original at-rest hemline;
  7. The wearer of the skirt either individually performs a stunt which places their body in a headlong position, such as a headstand or a cartwheel, or is turned upside down manner by another party, so that their skirt falls from the hem downwards due to gravity (technically, of course, the skirt can be said to be down rather than up, but the condition is in all respects the same);
  8. The skirt is subjected to a gust of natural (i.e. the wind) or artificial compressed air blown underneath the hem which is strong enough to lift it.
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In spanking and other forms of punishment/humiliation

In spanking, if the victim is wearing a skirt it is common, at some point before or during the punishment, to have the skirt positioned up to a point exposing the waist-to-thigh area where the spanker has unimpeded access to that region in an state of nudity. The spankee may be required to raise their own skirt before or during the punishment session, but usually it is the spanker who rearranges the clothing. Because of the loose, open-ended nature of the garment the skirt is typically much more easily manipulated in such a situation than other articles of clothing, such as trousers, which can be relatively cumbersome or difficult to rearrange to get the desired state of undress.

As part of a punishment or an intentional exhibitionism, a skirt once raised may be kept in that position by being held in place by the wearer themselves, by another party, or by the aid of a device such as a clamp or a clothes pin. The wearer of a skirt following a spanking or similar punishment may be required to keep the skirt up in this position for a period of time as a part of an additionally humiliating routine such as "corner time".


The popular term "upskirt" or "upskirt shot" refers to any sighting of a skirt-wearer who exposes any part of the body their skirt is intended to cover and/or conceal. It can refer to any of the conditions in which the skirt is lifted or raised beyond the original at-rest hemline as described above. However, it also encompasses any situation where those areas are viewed by the observer from a more optimum angle even when the skirt is at its natural at-rest unraised position.

Although some upskirt views are purposely posed, with the exposure meant to be intentional on the part of the wearer, typically an upskirt shot is a candid or covert form of mild voyeurism in which the wearer of the skirt is unaware that others are able to see beneath it.

An upskirt view in which a woman's panties are partially or fully glimpsed is also known as a panty shot. The equivalent term in Japanese is Panchira; literally 'brief glimpse of panty', although in Anime the term refers to any exposure of the panties, with or without a skirt being involved.

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