Foot worship

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Foot worship at pedestal.
1931 illustration

Foot worship is the term for the BDSM practice of one person, usually male, giving extreme adulation to the foot of another person, usually female, although foot worship is also a practice among gay men who participate in BDSM activities.

Foot worship can include licking the foot of one's "dom" or "domme", massaging it, kissing it, praising it, allowing oneself to be stomped or trampled by it, etc. Others gain sexual pleasure from the odours present from sweaty feet, and often unclean socks and footwear form part of the foot worship activity.

Typically the enjoyment of foot worship stems from the fact that the foot is usually considered one of the "lowest" and least appreciated parts of the body; thus if a "sub" worships the foot of a "dom" then the sub acknowledges that his status is so far below that of the "dom" that he worships even the least appreciated part of his or her body. The same may be said, by extension, of boot worship etc.

Like many other "kinky" sexual activities, there is also some enjoyment derived from the fact that one is indulging in a taboo activity by "worshipping" the foot of another person.

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