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Hidden clothes or stealthing is the fetish of going out in public while wearing a fetish garment concealed under normal clothes. This may range from a man wearing panties as underwear to wearing a polo neck catsuit or a wetsuit under sufficiently concealing clothes.

As a variant, part of the fetish item can be visible but in such a way as not to reveal its identity. Thus close-fitting thighboots can be worn under trousers and appear to be normal boots. The lower part of a bodystocking looks like tights, and the lower part of a lycra catsuit like leggings or opaque tights.

A similar fetish is to have a dildo or butt plug inserted before going out in public. (A partner might have a remote control device to activate a vibrator in public.)

There may be a thrill in having a secret, and anticipation of what the wearer will be able to do when alone or with a partner.

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