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A woman using diapers in rubber and plastic fetishism.

A diaper (or nappy in British usage) is an absorbent garment worn by individuals who are incontinent, that is, lack control over bladder or bowel movements, or who are unable to reach the toilet when needed. This group primarily includes infants and young children, as well as some elderly people and some with a phsyical or mental disability.

Diapers may be made of absorbent layers of cloth or terry towelling fabric, or of disposable absorbent materials.

Word origin

The word diaper, which shares the same root as "diaphanous," originally referred to the type of cloth rather than its use. Diaper cloth was originally linen.

Diapers in BDSM and spanking

Diapers are sometimes used as part of ageplay scenes or scenes involving long-term bondage. In some such scenes, a bottom may be required to wear diapers as a form of humiliation. In others the wearing of diapers may be merely appropriate for the fantasy age of the participant. In some cases the use, or non-use, of a diaper may itself be an excuse for a spanking or other punishment, possibly physical.

In a toilet use control scene, a victim may be required to wear a diaper until it becomes wet.

Diapers may be worn as hidden clothes when out in public.

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