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John Savage is a bondage photographer who worked with House of Milan and many other bondage magazines. He is also known as a novelist and the inventor of the Savage fold.

John Savage began doing bondage photography for Barbara Behr at House of Milan in 1969. Shortly thereafter he teamed up with a magazine producer named Rick and they put out numerous bondage magazines between 1971 and 1974. The magazines had such titles as "Best of Bondage," "Taskmaster," "Teenagers in Bondage" and "BondageMaster." Eventually John left the field to return to grad school.

He began shooting again in 1983, a series of magazines for Harmony Publications under the title of “John Savage’s Notebooks.” At the same time he began writing B&D novels. During this time he also freelanced for Bon-Vue, including making a few videos, most notably the well-known “Making Danielle Talk.” He put together a two volume retrospective magazine for House of Milan in the late 80’s but hasn’t done any commercial photography since then.

While doing some freelancing for House of Milan, he and the well-known artist Robert Bishop did some photo shoots together and made a couple videos.

While working on the “John Savage Notebooks” he became friends with F. E. Campbell, the man who still holds the title of most prolific B&D author of all time, having published approximately one hundred novels. John began typing Frank Campbell’s novel from audio tapes when Campbell’s eyesight began failing. For several years he transcribed Campbell’s novels until eventually Frank decided to quit writing. Unknown to most people, the last ten novels published under the F.E. Campbell name were actually written by John Savage. When Frank died, John continued writing under his own name for such publishers as House of Milan, Sandpiper Press, Olympia Press and Bon-Vue. The total of published novels under his own name (and the pseudonym of Brian Stryker) was twenty-six. The novels ranged from detective stories to westerns to science fiction but all included a lot of B&D and S&M.

Since he’s retired from his regular profession (computers), he has now begun writing novels again, mainly in e-book format. He has a BS and MS in computer science and PhD in astronomy, which helps explain how he got the nick-name “Doc Savage.”

John Savage has appeared at the two BondCon exhibitions held in Las Vegas.

In many respects John Savage was the acknowledged successor to John Willie. For about a year they both lived in the Los Angeles area but never met. John’s bondage style was based on John Willie’s but progressed a step closer to today’s extremely tight, super rope bondage. He always maintained that bondage had to be inescapable or it was not worth doing. He is credited with having influenced the generation of bondage artists who came in the 90s and since. Such people as Jay Edwards, David Annas and others admit that their styles began by copying that of John Savage.

John currently lives in Solana Beach, California with his wife (who appeared in some of his magazines as a model), and a large half-wolf, half-dog.

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