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Latex sheeting is a sheet of latex used for making glued latex clothing. The sheets are cut after a pattern, and the parts glued together. This is similar to the manufacture of regular clothing (but using glue not stitching). Gluing latex is an expensive and time consuming process, but the results are better than other methods. Quality, colour and thickness can be customised to the individual.

Clothing made from latex sheeting is repairable if it gets a rip or the lining fractures; this cannot be done with moulded latex.

Making latex sheeting

Commercial manufacturers use a continuous extrusion technique, where the material is pushed through a hole and left to settle. Colour additives are added and mixed into the liquid material before the extrusion.

Latex sheeting could be manufactured (in a very small scale) by pouring liquid latex on a perfectly horizontal and smooth (possibly glass) table with edges. The amount of latex poured and the dimensions of the "container" define the thickness acquired. Practical usage of this method is unknown.

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