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A sexfight is a voluntary erotic physical competition involving at least one woman and leading to one or more orgasms. There are several variations, but the most common version involves forcing the opponent to orgasm against their will. In real life sexfights are quite rare. They are far more common in erotic short stories available primarily on the Internet. As with much fetish material, sexfight material has an extremely limited audience—either the reader or viewer loves it or isn't interested.

When the opponents are both male, it is usually called a cockfight.

A sexfight differs from a catfight, which involves scratching, slapping, perhaps arm twisting, tit-squeezing, hair-pulling, punching and even biting but does not normally involve trying to cause an orgasm.



These are the common variations found either in stories or in videos:

Erotic Wrestling: This is one of the most common sexfight forms. Two women wrestle naked, or in bikinis, or in bras and panties, or in bras and tights (pantyhose). Often they wear stockings and suspender belts. The holds generally involve "wrestling around" rather than either formal amateur or pro wrestling techinques.

Loser Cums First: Whoever cums first loses. A problem with this is that for commercial videos it results in women wrestling around for 90 minutes with one orgasm, and that doesn't sell well. For stories it involves loads of build-up that gets boring.

Two Out of Three: AvidMike at started this. His original videos were "loser cums first". Of course, a commercial video in his price range needs to be at least an hour, so if one opponent cums after 20 minutes they have to continue to have a saleable product.

Most Orgasms in an Hour: This started with Sasha vs. Monique from Chickfight. The video started as "best two out of three". However, the two girls were lesbians and lovers in real life and, unlike previous videos, they did not try to defend against stimulation. The result was three forced orgasms in less than ten minutes! Sasha is extremely aggressive and has had more than 10 orgasms in each of her videos, although she only lost one sexfight, to Dakota.

Trib-only: Some women prefer tribadism because it can be very erotic and stimulating, so they limit the fight to tribadism. An example was Veronika vs. Alexis at Alexis deliberately chose tribadism because in her previous sexfight, where she won 2-0, tribadism was the main thing that turned her on.

No Defense: In early Chickfight videos, the women often fought to prevent their opponent from stimulating them. Nakita Cross had several fights that ended with a single orgasm. Because sexfight fans are more interested in the "sex" than the "fight", such videos don't sell well. Newer Chickfight videos often involve competitors just seeing how can hold out longer with direct clit-to-clit stimulation.

Go At It Mechanically: This is a common complaint about many videos from Danube Womens Wrestling, a major European producer of unscripted sexfight videos. (See TribGirls) Often the two women simply get into a scissors-trib position and just mechanically rub each other until one of them cums.

Battle of Wills: In this variation the women engage in mutual stimulation until either one breaks off or one cums. This usually involves trib, 69, mutual deep-fingering, or rubbing each other's clits.

Victory Orgasm: The women agree that the loser will eat the winner's pussy until the winner cums. Usually, the loser lies on her back and the winner sits on her face as a symbol of conquest.

Humiliation: This is common in stories and occasionally appears in scripted videos. The idea is that two women sexfight either over a man or lesbian lover or for dominance.

In stories:

  • The winner often humiliates the loser by kicking her out naked or in torn clothes.
  • The winner humiliates the loser by having sex with her man or her lesbian lover while the loser watches.
  • The winner humiliates the loser by requiring the loser to have sex with the winner's man or lesbian lover.
  • The winner and her man or lesbian loever share the loser sexually.
  • The winner forces the loser to a huge orgasm with a dildo or some other means, generally while a crowd is watching.
  • The winner forces the loser to give her a victory orgasm.

Force Orgasm or Control During Orgasm: In this variation a "point" can be scored in several ways:

  1. Force the opponent to orgasm against her will
  2. Force your own orgasm while preventing the opponent from preventing it. For instance, a woman gets her opponent in a "school-girl" pin and then rubs her own clit until she cums all over her opponent's face.
  3. Force the opponent to bring her to orgasm. For instance, hold the opponent in a school-girl pin and force her to eat your pussy until you cum.
If anyone tries these in real life it is extremely important to agree on the rules in advance in detail. There have been reports of real-life sexfights where each woman claimed she won and it led to a real fight—the woman on the bottom said, "I made you cum. I won." The woman on top said, "I got myself off while controlling you. I won."

Celebrities: A number of fictitious stories involve sexfights between two well-known female celebrities, usually actresses or women in the news.

WWE Female Wrestlers: There is a site with loads of stories about WWE female wrestlers such as Trish Stratus. However, the stories are not widely circulated.

Uncommon or non-existent types of fights

RAPE: A sexfight does not involve rape. In a rape, one person does not want to be involved and the other person overcomes the resistance by force, drugs or threats. In a sexfight, each participant is trying to win either by forcing her opponent to cum or by using her opponent to cum. In a sexfight, when one opponent is saying, "No!" it is not that she does not want to participate, it is that her opponent is close to forcing her to orgasm.

Beat Up and Force Orgasm: This occurs in some stories but not in videos. The scenario is that the two women engage in a fistfight, a catfight or a boxing match, one literally beats up the other and then she brings her to orgasm against her will. In these stories, the storyline is not that the two agree to battle and the winner will be permitted to get the loser off; it is that the winner brutalizes the loser. It is essentially a rape or forcible sodomy.

Overpower and Force Orgasm: This is common in stories but not in real life. Women usually want an opponent of roughly equal size and weight. Women involved in a sexfight start sweating pretty quickly, which makes their bodies slippery. People familiar with this technique have said that if a woman slick from sweat is really trying to resist her opponent, e.g., by pushing away, it is almost impossible to overpower the woman, hold her helpless and stimulate her enough to make her orgasm. (Regarding the difference between "overpower" and "beat up", a wrestler who pins her opponent is not beating her up.)

Unconsciousness: This is not particularly rare in stories but unheard of in videos due to the possibility of severe injury or even death. Basically, the idea is that one opponent renders the other unconscious with a smother hold, choking, etc.

Oil, Jello, Mud, Spaghetti, etc.: These are quite rare. Women wrestling quickly start sweating, so oil does not substantially increase slipperiness. Oil or mud make it almost impossible to hold the woman long enough to make her orgasm. In addition, oil makes any medium or long hair look ratty, not sexy. People interested in watching sexfights generally want to see the forced orgasms, not women covered in mud.

Male versus Female: Although these are available they are quite rare and highly scripted and they involve severely mismatched opponents, such as a 180-pound 6 foot-tall woman bodybuilder and experienced wrestler versus a 5 foot 4 inch 110-pound man with no wrestling experience.

Sexfight-Cockfight Combo A few stories with this contain this theme but no videos because essentially a sexfight is lesbian porn, a cockfight is gay male porn and they appeal to different audiences.

Handicap Match: A handicap match is a two-on-one match. In pro wrestling, this usually involves a really big and well-known wrestler fighting two small wrestlers who are newcomers and the big wrestler defeats both wrestlers. I have suggested to AvidMike having a woman who is pretty good at holding off her orgasms fight two women who have difficulty resisting orgasm, taking them on one at a time. An alternative would be the the one woman can wear a bra, panties and stockings and the two women have to fight nude, which would make stimulation more effective against them. Realistically, it is quite unlikely either of those will happen.

Tag Team: In tag-team wrestling a wrestler can tag out with a partner. In a sexfight, this would be done to avoid an orgasm. The video would be one long wrestling match probably with a single orgasm.

Round Robin: I have suggested a variation to AvidMike with three girls, two at a time, where a woman switches out after she cums. The benefit of this would be that the woman who didn't cum would be somewhat tired and probably quite turned on and now she would have to face a rested opponent who is probably less excited because she has been watching but was not in physical contact with an opponent.

Battle Royale: In a Battle Royale, "anybody is game". If, for example, there were eight participants, they would randomly pair off and when a woman cums she would be eliminated. Ganging up would be allowed, etc. There have been a few Battle Royale stories but they are rare and videos are virtually non-existent.

Bondage There are some highly scripted videos where the winner ties up the loser and usually pretends to spank her, etc. Almost all of these are very poorly acted, with the sex completely faked. Also, people interested in sexfights generally are not interested in bondage and vice versa. Since these are both niche markets, it is even harder to find a customer base interested in both.

Toys There are some scripted videos where the opponents use toys at some point. Usually, these will have three segments, one with toys, one a sexfight and a third segment. In general people interested in sexfights are not interested in toys.

Golden Showers, etc. Again, both these and sexfighting are niche markets, with essentially no overlap. Many of Aussie Greg's stories contain a bit of such content but he is almost unique in this.

Typical story lines

  • A man cheats on his wife or girlfriend and she decides to show the other woman "who is the better woman" or "whose sex is better", in the sense of whose sexual organs are better.
  • "The other woman" decides to win her "man" from his wife or girlfriend by defeating her in a sexfight.
  • Two women each want to be "the" leader of a group of women (e.g., cheerleaders), and one challenges the other to a sexfight.
  • A corporation has only female executives. They settle disputes among themselves by sexfighting.

Less common story lines

  • Two sisters get in an argument, start fighting and it turns sexual.
  • Two female friends decide to experiement with kissing, etc., and it goes further.
  • Two women are titfighting or catfighting and one starts grinding against the other either because the one grinding is losing and she is seeking a distraction or because the one grinding is winning and wants to humiliate her opponent.

Well-known sexfight story authors

  • Aussie Greg (Stories involve Vietnamese plus other Asian women and sometimes involve urination or similar activities and/or physical violence. His new free site
  • Eagle
  • Giannis (Referred to as "Dr. Trib" for his extensive knowledge of tribadism techniques.)
  • H.G. Hunt (Novels can get extremely wordy with lots of "filler".)
  • Morton
  • Rino (No longer writes)

Well-known sexfight stories

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