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Proposed changes

Resons for proposals

  • 'Safe, sane, and consensual' is grammatically poor: it should be 'Safe, sane and consensual'.
  • 'Safe, sane and consensual' is lengthy and cumbersome in links; 'SSC' would be easier.
  • RACK has the content for 'Risk Aware Consensual Kink'. It is inconsistent to have the content under 'Safe, sane and consensual' rather than SSC.
    • This may be worth thinking about as a general policy issue. For example, should we have content under "M/s" or under "Master/slave", "S&M" or "Sadomasochism".
  • SSC is a stub that is neither the full text nor a disambiguation.
  • The sooner we change this kind of thing the better. At the moment, the effort to change is still manageable.

Proposal (#1) - if we are to use the abbreviation as page name

Alternate Proposal (#2) - if we are to use the full title as page name

(Proposal above by User:Interesdom)


  • I'd be very disinclined to make an abbreviation the main article as in #1. Yes, there should be a single article (with the others as redirects) and my personal preference would be for the target article to be located at Safe, sane and consensual (option #2). (The comma before the 'and' is, I believe, known as an "Oxford comma" and is - surprisingly - correct grammar!) --VampWillow 00:08, 20 Jun 2005 (BST)

I'm a bit concerned that no where on this page does it mention that to be SSC, it's generally accepted that you are sober, or not under the influence of any drugs, prescription or otherwise, during play. I know that for some, drugs even as ibuprofin are frowned upon, whereas others find it more stimulating somehow to use alcohol or hard drugs during play (however dangerous that might be).

I have no intention of making this a moral or ethical issue at all, nor am I trying to impose some form of judgement on those who do practice S/m while using. On the contrary: it is purely for safety reasons I even bring this up, especially with people new to the idea of BDSM.

Would I go so far as to say that not mentioning this aspect would be almost irresponsible? Probably not, but it cuts pretty close to that line, in my opinion.

Any thoughts? --Vicious Lover 22:16:32, 2005-12-25 (GMT)

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