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Toilet use control is a humiliation technique in which the victim is prevented from using the toilet for an extended period. This can be achieved in various ways, e.g.:

  • A simple order, which the victim cannot disobey
  • Locking the toilet
  • Use of a butt plug or catheter, possibly held in by some device
  • Clothing that cannot be removed, such as a catsuit with the zip padlocked

The victim may have to beg for release, or agree to do something else such as provide oral sex in exchange for release. The control may last for a fixed time, or until the dominant gets bored or until there is an "accident", when the victim may be punished. The control may be made more difficult by making the victim drink lots of water.

In one variant, the victim wears a drysuit or similar waterproof garment and must remain in it for a period after the "accident". In another, the victim has to wear a nappy until it is wet.

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