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This article provides a summary of the various modern-time male chastity devices. Manufacturers can freely add to this list. All entries should include the name of the device and a link to the website, a brief description, and a single photograph.

The results of an on-line survey comparing various male chastity designs are here.

Basically there are 2 principles, how the chastity belt is secured: it can either grab the genital alone behind the testicles or it can be locked with a full belt around the waist.

Full belt around the waist

Security builds mostly on the whole belt grabbing the pelvis and pressing the entrance of the penis tube to the body so the wearer cannot withdraw. Some hybrid models incorporate a cockring to trap the balls or an additional piercing lock.

Product Name Description Image
Carrara Designs

Carrara Designs in Belgium produce both male and female versions and are based on the traditional belted design with a lockable belt going around the waist and a second steel strap passing between the legs holding the cock cage in place.

BenHur has written an article: Carrara Designs - Personal Experiences giving a detailed description of the belt.

There exists a special club for the wearers of Carrara chastitybelts, called Men-in-Goethals (after the manufacturer):

Carrara Designs male chastity device


Tollyboy is the oldest established manufacturer of chastity belts; the company started trading in 1956. They produce both male and female versions; these are based on the traditional belted design with a lockable belt going around the waist and a second steel strap passing between the legs. The penis is held in place by a tube locked to the inside of the crotch plate.

From the manufacturer's website: The standard male chastity belt follows a traditional Florentine design. This consists of a waistband (1.25 wide and 0.64 thick) with an attached crotch guard which is closed and locked at the centre of the waist. The crotch guard incorporates a penis sheath that, unlike other chastity belt manufacturers, is made to the individual's precise measurements. This is a separate component into which the penis is inserted; it is then engaged internally into the crotch guard, which is then locked to the waistband. The sheath is adjusted to its correct position externally and then secured with a second locking system. In this belt the penis is held pointing downwards and backwards between the legs, which prevents an erection but allows the wearer to urinate without any problem - except that he has to sit like a female. Once the sheath is locked into position the penis cannot be handled. The crotch guard is shaped and contoured to fit the genital area and stops just short of the anus, where it terminates in two flat-section stainless steel chains. To permit defecation these form a 'Y' configuration going over the buttocks to the waist band, where they are riveted.

Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel (316), the belt is flexible enough to allow it to be sprung open or closed without the need for hinges, resulting in a very smooth profile. Tollyboy's locking system secures the waist band and crotch guard in one smooth joint, ensuring that the crotch guard remains vertical without any side to side swivel.

Tollboy MB 100 male chastity device
Neosteel Masterpiece Arch


Neosteel produce both male, female, and shemale versions of the traditional belted design, a lockable belt goes around the waist and a second steel strap passing between the legs holding the cock cage in place. Their traditional design is most similar to that of the Tollyboy system offering both flat belt (shown) and curved belt versions. They also sell a system design where the buyer can customise the belt to their own needs. As well as the basic chastity device they also offer an extensive range of add-ons for bondage, external strap-ons, internal plugs/dildos, electrics etc. They also sell a chastity measurement kit which allows the buyer to take their own measurements and be confident that they are ordering the correct size of belt.

Neosteel is a German company with a dual language website and on-line store.

Neosteel male chastity device
Latowski Chastity Device



Mario Latowski is a German designer producing a very stylish (and expensive) male chastity device.

From the manufacturer's website: The penis and testicles are protected against accesses and completely covered within an interior chamber made from high-quality form fitting silicone rubber. The surface feels like natural skin and does not leave any pressure marks. The Penis-sphere in the interior has the shaping of a member bent downward. When fitted you feel as though you are imprisoned in a female sheath. Three chamber sizes are available. For the testicles there is a separate split chamber, which provides sufficient protection from getting squeezed and cooling down.

How long can the CB be worn? The experiences of my customers are completely different. They range from weekend use to the continuous carrier.

The chastity belt is made of high-grade stainless steel type V4a. Its shaping is three-dimensional, in order to be able to enclose the body completely. That has the advantage that with the exact form the abdomen is pressed together spreading the contact over a wide area. Therefore the surface pressure is reduced and cuts and pressure edges can be avoided.

Latowski male chastity device
Chastity Steel CS-100, CS-500, Lovejail


The Chastity Steel device combines elements of both the traditional belted design and the more common cock cage system. A metal belt is place around the wearer's waist, the penis is inserted into the chastity tube and the two parts are then locked together by the locking mechanism. As well as locking the tube to the belt, the lock mechanism also has a steel loop that locks behind the scrotum, performing a similar function to the cock ring used by other devices.

The system has the advantage over the more traditional belted design in that it does not require any fixing to pass between the wearer's legs and so makes long term wear much easier.

The website and on-line store is in both English and German.

The Chastity Steel male chastity device
Silver & Steel


Silver & Steel produce both belted and unbelted varient of their male chastity device.

From the manufacturer's website: A 3/4 round cage of steel bars contains the penis, closed at the back by the scrotum for safety with security, secured by steel straps and waist belt with rings for your own padlock. Suitable for long term wear, the open design allows not only excretion but washing and drying under all parts, while making erection impossible.

The Silver & Steel male chastity device
La Ceinture De Chastete


La Ceinture De Chastete is a US company producing a range of traditional belted designs for both male and female.

From the manufacturer's website: Specially designed for male customers who want different styles of chastity belts. The complete male chastity belt system features many different types of belts all in one unique design. The complete chastity system also feature a secure single lock design for a smoother appearance under tight fitting clothing.

The waist band of the complete chastity system looks similar to many other Super-Ergonomic waist bands but in fact this waist band is different than any other of its kind. The waist bands shape will be custom designed to follow the natures curves of your body for an extraordinarily comfortable fit .

La Ceinture De Chastete male chastity device

My-Steel is a German company producing a range of traditional belted designs for both male and female. Of note is the design shown which has a steel pouch to enclose the penis and testicles
My-Steel male chastity device
Reinholds Protective Underwear


Reinholds is a German company producing a range of original belted designs for both males and females. Unlike nearly all other designers, they construct their belts out of glass-fibre and carbon-fibre bonded into high-grade Sicomin-epoxy composite. Belts are custom made to the wearer which requires a visit to their workshops in Germany.

From the manufacturer's website: Compared to crude medieval chastity belts, this modern Protective Underwear is superior in comfort, body compatibility and design. With an easy firmness the slim strap nestles to your hips taking control of you crotch. It will hardly constrict your body's agility. Even moderately narrow pants or skirts conceal it from scrutiny. Most sports will still be possible; customers reported about jogging, badminton, tennis, inline-skating, skiing as well as sit-ups and aerobics. Underwater bathing trunks are enough, to not attract attention. Each belt is an individually customized artwork, you'll be proud to show.

With the male version of the Protective Underwear the penis is situated inside a tube, that bends downwards. The inner diameter and the length are available in three sizes each. Once locked, the contraption will not allow for an erection. At the lowest point of the tube either a single drilling or a sieve of smaller holes allows for urination, without the foreskin protruding outside.

Reinholds went out of bussiness in 2009.

Reinholds Protective Underwear
Locked In Steel

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3

Locked in Steel: these belts are coated with plasticol (PVC) for added comfort and hygiene. FREE measurement confirmation kits, silicone lining standard, as well as a single piece laser cut construction make this belt of high quality.
Locked in Steel male chastity device
Fantasy Leather Works


Fantasy Leather Works produce and sell a small range of male chastity devices.
Water Hole

A clear plastic belt around the waist.
Fancy Steel

Male and female full belts made of steel or leather.
DD machinery

Male and female full belts made of steel.
Evolution 1

Steel belt for the CB-X cage.

Steel belts.

Behind Barz full belts are handmade in the UK using 316 surgical steel. The design has been created to give the user optimum cleanliness without compromising on security. The belt is fabricated using 1.5mm steel for comfort with additional components made from steel bar and 2mm steel. The most popular belt, the BBCS (Behind Barz Complete System) comprises of a waistband, ring, tube, outer cage and rod. The belt has 2 locks which can be keyed differently enabling 2 keyholders. Behind Barz offer bespoke customisations and offer numerous modifications to include PA piercings and incorporating electro devices such as the DreamLover 2000.

Testicle cuff

The locking mechanism is based on either:

  • trapping the balls between a cock-ring (A-ring) behind the testicles and the entrance of the penis tube (B-ring)
  • attaching to a piercing or hooking a rod into the piercings hole
  • impaling the penis on a long plug via the urethra

Supportive straps around the waist are only added to increase comfort, but are not strictly necessary or can be taken off at the wearers discretion, e.g. for a shower.

Product Name Description Image
CB2000 aka CB2K

Review 1

Review 2

The CB2000 is a male chastity device made from clear polycarbonate that has been designed for long-term wear. It consists of two parts: a cock ring and a cage which surrounds the penis. A lockable nylon post holds the cage against the cock ring and when locked in place it is very difficult to remove. Whilst worn, it prevents the victim from achieving a full erection and effectively prevents masturbation let alone intercourse. It does however rub and press against the penis, making it difficult for the wearer to forget that he has it on; this in turn can keep the wearer in a state of extended sexual frustration.

The design of the device allows it to be worn for extended periods (several weeks or more). Different size cock rings and spacers (supplied) allow the CB2000 to be fitted to a range of penis sizes. A minority of men have reported that they can pull their penis out of the CB2000, masturbate, and replace the penis. This was particularly prevalent in men with small penises or low-hanging testicles. The manufacturer has produced an add-on called "Points of Intrigue" to help with this problem.

The CB2000 unfitted
CB3000, CB6000, CB6000s, The Curve, PA-5000

The successors of the famous CB2000 from the same manufacturer A.L. Enterprises Inc.

Various third party add-ons are available:

Steel Pleasures male chastity device


The Steel Pleasures male chastity device is constructed from stainless steel and employs the same basic method of fitting as the CB2000. Once fitted, the device is locked in place by inserting a small padlock (not shown) though one of three holes drilled in one of the posts. The device can be ordered with one of three different sized rings. Unlike the CB2000 the penis is not prevented from achieving an errection as there is no cage at the front of the tube. Like the CB2000 it is also possible to extract the penis from the device when not erect; it is however almost impossible to remove the device as once locked in place as the gap between the tube and ring is too narrow to let the testicles pass between them.

When fitted the device is not noticable when worn under loose fitting clothes.

The system is also sold by Tickleberry where it is called the 2(d)Ni

Steel Pleasures produce several variations on this basic design.

Steel Pleasures male chastity device

Review 1

Review 2

The ExoBelt takes the concept of the CB2000 a stage further and encases the entire scrotum in plastic. This produces a less aesthetically pleasing but probably much more effective device.

From the manufacturer's website: Most chastity devices today put pressure on the scrotum area. The ExoBelt does NOT rely on putting pressure on the scrotum for security, and because it doesn't need to put pressure on the scrotum the Exobelt is very comfortable for long term wear.

  • Pressure-less Vise type operation makes the unit more secure than a "trapped ball" type device
  • Easy to urinate with standing up or sitting down.
  • Made from high strength materials used in prosthetics (No cheap plastics)
  • Lightweight (Lighter weight than 100% polycarbonate devices)
  • comfortable for long term wear, yet virtually undetectable under clothes

A brief description of wearing one here

ExoBelt male chastity device
Sentinel male chastity device

The Sentinel male chastity device is constructed from chrome plated pewter and employs a hinged cock ring which goes at the base of the penis and which holds the device in place. The cage is slid over the penis and then locked to the ring by a single padlock. When purchased there is a choice of three sizes of cock ring; the fact that it is hinged means that a much tighter ring can be worn than would otherwise be possible with a ring of solid construction, such as the CB2000.

Seninel male chastity device
Cerberus male chastity device

The Cerberus male chastity device is constructed from chrome plated pewter and used the same fitting system as the Sentinel. The cock cage comes in two versions open and closed; size wise it is a little larger than the Sentinel. When purchased there is a choice of three sizes of cock ring; the fact that it is hinged means that a much tighter ring can be worn than would otherwise be possible with a ring of solid construction, such as the CB2000.

Cerberus male chastity device (open version)
Necromancer, Crucible, Alchemist, Steampunk, Schandmaske, Prince's Collar, Vault, Classic Supreme, Dictator, Torture puzzle, Full Metal Jacket, Creature

Steelwerks manufacture custom built chastity devices to order and to any design. These are precision engineered works of art and have a price tag to match. Instead of a lock, these devices feature specific screws that require an S-shaped tool as a key.

The following article: [1] gives a full account of the design and build process of a Steelwerks chastity device.

The ultimate cock-tank chastity cage
Braveheart, Cb-Zero, Crossfire, Crusader X-treme, Ironheart, Pain, Protector, Revenge, Securo, Steelheart, Looker 01, 02, 03, Tube Jacket


Steelworxx is a German company producing a range of male chastity devices, all variations on the Steelheart design shown here. The website is duel language German/English.

From the manufacturer's website: The chastity belt consists entirely of high-grade steel. The bent length up to the cross amounts to 4.331 inch (110mm). The ring has at the top a distance to the tube of 0.197 inch (5mm), below there are 0.591 inch (15mm). The tube inside diameter is selectable: 1.141 inch (29mm), 1.378 inch (35mm), 1.496 inch (38mm) or 1.732 inch (44mm). The overall length can be chosen between 3.346 inch (85mm) and 5.118 inch (130mm). The following ring sizes are available: 1.496 inch (38mm), 1.574 inch (40mm), 1.653 inch (42mm), 1.771 inch (45mm), 1.85 inch (47mm), 1.968 inch (50mm). Special sizes are possible. You find a description of the masses in our FAQ`s.

The weight amounts according to tube length and ring size to approx. 0.441 lbs (200 g).

On request the chastity belt can be adapted to your images.

Steelworxx Steelheart male chastity device
Mistress Lori's Secure Locking System

Review 1

Review 2

Mistress Lori, based in the USA, produces a range of male chasity devices based on the cock cage principle. The main point of difference is that most of her products are designed to be used with a genital peircing such as the Prince Albert, Frenum, Ampallang, and Apadravia piercings. Units are made from Stainless Steel. The use of the piercing to secure the penis in the tube negates the major shortcoming of this type of design in that the penis can be pulled backwards out of the tube when flaccid.

The website is quite basic and does not have an on-line store. Purchases need to be made by contacting Mistress Lori by email.

Mistress Lori male chastity device
Buddylock male chastity system


The Buddy lock is a male chastity device that functions by locking the penis in a plastic sheath. Unlike most other male chastity devices it does not use a ring behind the scrotum to secure the device in place; instead it uses a genital piercing to lock the tip of the penis inside the tube. A rubber loop is also supplied for users who do not have a piercing however it is not clear how effective this is. To stop the device pulling on the piercing when fitted, the base of the tube is attached to a belt around the wearer's waist.

Due to the absence of a cock ring, this is one of the smallest devices on the market.

The website and on-line store is in both English and German.

The Buddylock male chastity device


Lustlock is a Swiss company producing genital padlocks and a male lightweight chastity cage in 3-D printing (Nylon), and works without testicle clamps. Requires a Prince Albert Piercing and Circumcision.

From the manufacturer's website: The glans is protected by a anatomical formed, hard-case thermoplast lightweight cage, in which the glans gets locked by a pin, which replaces the Prince Albert piercing. The pin is locked outside of the case by a tiny, special designed security lock stored in a tray underneath. The erect glans get clamped inside the specially anatomical form, and prevents any movement inside the cage.Taking off and on is very quick.

Because of its compact and small construction, comfort and hygienic conditions, the Penicap can be worn for a long time and in every possible life situation- sports, cycling, riding, swimming, etc.. Is is safe against fraud, sex and masturbation.

Comfort is unique. It is probably the least intrusive system on the market.

Penicap chastity cage

Reviews and info

Birdlocked is a Swiss company producing a male chastity device made from surgical silicone.

From the manufacturer's website: Made of surgical silicone, it possesses a unique and very comfortable closing mechanism that perfectly keeps the birdie in its cage, yet remains invisible under your clothes. It comes with its own strap and closing rivet, a high-grade, rustproof padlock, and 2 keys.

Cage and Ring cast in 1 piece

No assembly between the cage and the ring for comfort and safety. No risk of pinching the skin in an assembly of several elements.

7 holes to provide ventilation to the skin to breathe.

A triangular ring (not round like the other cages) to fully adopt the appearance of the male scrotum and help bring the cage over a long period.

Birdlocked male chastity device
Bon 4

The Bon4 is produced by an Italian/Dutch company. It is a male chastity device made from surgical silicone.

From the manufacturer's website: BON4 is a superior male chastity device. You do not have to measure your penis to find out if it is suitable for you. Our unique design will fit anybody. First of all because BON4 has 3 different sizes of cockrings. Secondly the cockrings are very flexible. It is very easy to put on, and you can do this on your own in just a few minutes. There is one size belt that will fit the 3 different sizes of cockrings. Once this belt is pulled tight around the cockring you lock it with our extra secure padlock. Bon4 is so comfortable that you will forget the fact that you are wearing a chastity device. BON4 has an opening at the end of the cockcage allowing you to urinate like you are used to. It has 2 extra holes. These 2 holes are for ventilation and make it possible to wash yourself. We think 2 air holes is the best. It took us more than 1 year to come to this design. Testing revealed that more air holes can cause rubbing or an irritated skin. BON4 is madefrom a very safe high quality silicone.

Bon 4 male chastity device
Holy trainer

A testicle cuff made of biosourced resin, which becomes slightly soft at body temperature. Available in multiple colors.
World Cage

Bali, Vegas, Bangkok

World Cage by Sexy Fun World

Includes XL & XXL rings and anti-pullout device.

From the manufacturer's website:

The World Cage is the only plastic chastity device made from ABS plastic - BPA free. When designing the World Cage, we wanted it to be body-safe. Most popular Male Chastity Kits use polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate contains BPAs. When researching the implications of wearing BPA next to the skin, we found evidence that it will leach through skin contact. This can cause an estrogen response in men (bad), which can cause shrinkage (very bad). We found that ABS plastics are BPA free and body-safe. ABS is the same plastic from which Legos are made and is strong and non-porous.

The World Cage is a male chastity line made from clear ABS – the first BPA-Free body-safe plastic kit that has been designed for long-term wear. It is a simple device with a hinged ring, a lock pin that also acts as a spacer and a cock cage. It prevents the wearer from achieving a full erection, intercourse or masturbating. It includes the largest rings in any kit and a silicone Security Shield anti-pullout accessory. The World Cage is made for extended wear. It comes with five cock rings, an anti-pullout accessory, four locking pins, ten numbered travel locks, a padlock with two keys and a cage.

The Silicone Security Shield (included in the kit) forms to the body, increasing both security and comfort. (The security shield works with CB-X devices as well).
Available in three sizes – the Bali is 70mm, the Vegas is 85mm, and the Bangkok is 105mm.
Comes with the largest size rings in a kit - 57mm 53mm 50mm 47mm 43mm
Works well with both circumcised and uncircumcised men than most devices as it is shaped more naturally and doesn’t narrow inside the cage.
Consistently sized throughout the whole cage, so it naturally lines up better, and the vent at the end is slightly wider with an improved shape to actually allow men to urinate standing up at a urinal. There is virtually no splashback.
World Cage Bali Male Chastity
Saver ball

A steel sphere to completely enclose the gential, with many ventilation holes all over the surface.

First the testicles are inserted through the cockring into the lower half. Next, the penis is tucked in place with a rubber band. Finally the lock keeps the contraption shut even in case of an erection.

Applying the Saver ball (thanks to Ulli)
Dungeon Delights

Wide shackle welded to the cage and locked on the side.
Male Chastity now

Steel cage
Dick Cage

Swiss made cage of silicone with an anatomical cock ring overlapping the penis tube.
Lori's chastity tubes

Steel tubes, mostly locking to a piercing.
Jail bird, Queen’s Keep, Pet Trap, The Dungeon, Watchful Mistress

Different flavors of steel cages.
Bow, Cage, Challenge, Desire, Force, Pipe, Shelter, Shut, Twister

Different flavors of steel cages.

Unique cage made of a flexible mesh of little steel rings
Cellmate Chastity

Cellmate Chastity

Phone app controlled chastity cage.

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