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Savage fold: John Savage's own description

by John Savage
Illustrated here you will find a very simple bondage position but one that is just as effective as the classic hogtie at making a woman unable to move even though she is tied to nothing but herself. I've never heard of this position being called any special name. I've been using it for years and, although I'm sure I didn't invent the basic position, I did add the extra security of tying her upper arms to her legs to make her a tighter package. My wife, who has spent many hour tied in this position, tried to get me to call it the Backbreaker because she claims there is some small amount of stress on the back muscles after the first two hours. But, if I get to name my version, I think I'll call it the Savage Fold, for obvious reasons.

Two different models are shown here in the Fold, Marilyn and Melody, both tied the same except that Melody's bondage is a little tighter. The position is really very easy to do and requires only a small amount of rope and a collar. You start out by tying her wrists crossed behind her, firmly with the final knot tied between the wrists, on top and against her back. In that position her fingers can't reach the knot. You then tie the ankles crossed as she sits on the floor. Put a dog collar or other leather collar around her neck and tie that down to her ankle bondage. The tighter you pull that rope, the more she will have to bend over. I've found that most girls can be tied with their chins touching their ankles, although, for long periods, you should leave her more slack.

Now you take a small piece of rope and tie her upper arms to her upper leg, right above the knee. I've always found that the shoulder can be tied firmly pressed against the leg. Cinch the rope and knot it. Now tie the other arm the same way and you have an attractive package.

Tests have shown that most women will be unable to move themselves from the sitting position. If you have their heads tied down very close to the feet, the girl will be unable to raise any part of her body enough to roll over. Even if you make the fold a little less firm, most women can't roll over. A few have been able to but found themselves stuck on their sides in an awkward position and had to roll back to the sitting position.

On the whole, this is a position that limits movement more than the standard hogtie. The key to making this bondage inescapable is, of course, the wrists. Make sure that you have tied the wrists with several knots and placed them where the fingers can't reach. You could leave some rope after you've tied the final knot at the wrists, then bring that rope under the woman and tie it to her ankles as the last step. That would keep her fingers from finding the final knot.

One other consideration: You will notice that her mouth is forced very near the bound ankles and the rope connecting them to the neck. Some women will use their teeth to untie knots in this area. You, therefore, have to either gag her securely or otherwise prevent her from working at any knots in that area. Not tying knots there is good. I have even seen leather cuffs put on the ankles and then chained to the neck collar. Let her try to bite her way out of that.

I did run a test one time where Melody was tied like this, then I untied the rope from her collar to ankles. She was still held folded over but had more mobility. She said she didn't feel quite so helpless, so I retied her collar to her ankles. If you are going to try this position on your girlfriend or wife, please do not leave her alone for any extended period until you are sure of her limits. This position can place strain on the back. By now I'm sure most of you have noticed one advantage of the Fold over the hogtie. If you place her on her back, she is very accessible.

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