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For more information, see Wikipedia Userboxes and WikiProject Userboxes



This WipiProject (see WikiProject) aims to organise, expand and improve all Wipipedia's userboxes. We want to make it easy for users to make their own, and to find others, as well as create a standard for all userboxes, including a global prefix and image

Initial interests are to help change to a global prefix, reform all userboxes to such standards, re-categorise, and maintain.


The goals of this project are:-

1) To create a well balanced system of userboxes, so that wipipedians can more easily show their own fetishes and sexual tastes.
2) Create a well-balanced page and sub-page system to assist users in designing and categorising userboxes, as well as find others and incorporate boxes into their page.
3) Ensure all userboxes are within Wipipedia policy.
4) Organise all userboxes, either finding a place for them in removing duplicates/orphaned userboxes.
5) Organising categories, removing duplicates or unrequired ones.
6) Slowly expand userboxes carefully!

How to make a userbox

Below is an example of a userbox, and the code needed to make one. You can copy the code below and use it in your own userbox.

Eg This is an example of a userbox.

| id-c = #000000
| id-s = 18
| id-fc = #ffffff
| id = Eg
| info-c = #000000
| info-fc = #ffffff
| info = This is an example of a userbox.
[[Category:User templates|Example, User]]

In this user box, the box is divided into two areas. The small, left-hand side area (Called the ID Box) says what the box is quickly, using text in the this example, but an image can be also used. The right-side of the box (Called the Info Box) contains the main information. You can also include a second ID Box by copying the second line of code, and adding it below the third.

The Category, "User templates," lists all the userboxes on Wipipedia. When making your user box, change the last section of the category (ie, where the name of you user box goes) and change it so it lists it in the correct alphabetical order.

See {{Userbox}} for more detials

Colour Codes

The colours on these user boxes are represented by a six-digit code. Here is a list of some of the colour codes. If you know any more, please add to the list.

Black #000000
Blue #0000FF
Green #006400
Yellow #FFFF00
Red #FF0000
Dark red #B00000
Orange #FF4D00
Purple #800080
Pink #FFD1DC
Light Pink #FFE0E8
Grey #888888
Dark Grey #9EA1A9
Light Blue/Turquoise #00E0E0
Brown #960018
Light Yellow #FFEB33
Gold #FFF3B3
Silver #DCDCDC
Bronze #CC6600
Light Green #00FF00
Apple White #6ef7a7

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