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These user boxes cover other topics in Wipipedia, as well as including any other userboxes that may relate to Wipipedia, or may be of a personal, administrative or maybe humorous nature.

Example Userbox

Code Result
{{user example}}
Eg This is an example of a userbox.


Code Result
{{user wipipedia}}
Wipi.png This user is a Wipipedian.
{{user proud}}
Wipi.png This user is proud to be a Wipipedian.
{{user admin}}
Wipi.png This user is an administrator.
{{user no admin}}
Wipi.png This user does not wish to be an administrator.
{{user wikipedia}}
Wikipedia-logo-50x50.png This user has a page on wikipedia.
{{user absent}}
Sorry Sorry, this user is absent and is unable to reply to any messages at the moment.


Code Result
{{user experienced}}
Ex This user is experienced in BDSM.
{{user inexperienced}}
Inex This user is inexperienced in BDSM.

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