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Wikipedia is a web site similar to Wipipedia, but covering all subjects. Wikipedia is an international project in many languages, with main servers in the USA and supporting servers in Europe and Korea. Like Wipipedia, it is a website based on MediaWiki that is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing articles to be changed by anyone with access to the website. The version of the software used on Wipipedia is MediaWiki, which was developed for the Wikipedia and is being maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation (see below).


Strengths and weaknesses

Wikipedia is edited from people all around the world, with the majority on the English version being from the USA. This gives the encyclopedia a chance at a global perpespective, expecially that of people from the USA.

Wikipedia has evolved a collection of policies that are being pursued more and more ruthlessly by people with aims and objectives different from its founder. Most problematic to content like BDSM and fetish are Verifiability (especially), No original research and Neutral point of view. As understandable as some of these policies are in themselves, they will, if applied consistently, effectively constrain Wikipedia's content to only that which has been published by professionals, in a major journal or book from a major publisher. While some such information on BDSM and fetish (as with many topics) may be available from psychiatrists, criminologists, doctors etc., the perspective they have is far from helpful to those wanting personal information about how to apply knowledge in a safe and enjoyable way for themselves and others.

As well as the constraining policies in Wikipedia, it also has "guidelines" which are used by some "contributors" to argue the removal of information they do not like, or even entire articles. BDSM and fetish topics are targets for the narrow-minded. For example, the article on Savage fold was deleted as "non-notable".

Some articles on Wipipedia were originally copied from Wikipedia. In some cases these articles have subsequently been deleted from Wikipedia.


Wipipedia advantages over Wikipedia

Wipipedia's policies - which are always evolving and improving - allow for individual experience and wisdom to be expressed and shared. This is an encyclopedia that accepts that most of the useful knowledge on its topics is held by personal practitioners, not by specialists in academia writing for profit or aggrandisement.

Although this encyclopedia started life by copying articles directly from Wikipedia, the information now available in it, the categorisation of that information and the way that direct personal experience is encouraged to be shared all go to make an information source superior to Wikipedia.

Incorrect information on Wikipedia

There are many serious errors regarding BDSM and fetish on Wikipedia. For example, Wikipedia:Gimp suit is just a redirect to Wikipedia:Bondage suit; the latter begins "A bondage suit, also commonly called a gimp suit".

Wipipedia entry in Wikipedia

In March 2007, articles in Wikipedia stopped being categorised as being sourced from Wipipedia. Some of the discussion pages are categorised instead. Possibly the best method of finding articles on Wikipedia with information incorporated from here is to use the template system page but all the "User:..." pages need to be ignored.

From May 2007, there is no information in Wikipedia about this encyclopedia. There were three attempts to delete the topic about Wipipedia (once without any debate) which all failed. On the fourth attempt, however, and despite a 15 to 13 vote to keep the article, all information on Wipipedia was removed early in the morning of 17th May 2007. The text of the article that was deleted may be seen here.


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