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Captive in hogcuff
Captive in hogcuff

A Hogcuff is a bondage restraint technique based on the hogtie (which traditionally uses rope) but modified to use handcuffs and leg irons.

The captive's wrists are handcuffed behind their back and their ankles are shackled using the leg irons. A second set of handcuffs is then locked around both sets of chains bringing them together and completing the hogtie.

A more stringent variation can be achieved by dispensing with the second set of handcuffs and instead passing the chain of the leg irons over the chain of the locked handcuffs to complete the hogtie. For most people, this variant of the hogcuff can become very tiring after quite a short period and has a greater risk of postural asphyxia. It is therefore wise to ensure you can get the cuffs off in a hurry before starting the hogcuff and that you have the key.

It is possible to use handcuffs in place of leg irons on people with slim ankles; however, handcuffs are not designed for ankles and there is a greater risk of over-tightening them which can cause tendon damage. Some models of handcuff are larger in diameter and will be usable on a wider range of subjects (Peerless hinged, Hiatt 'de-luxe' models are larger than standard diameter).

Caution: metallic handcuffs are not designed for erotic bondage and can cause nerve and tendon damage if applied too tightly, or if the captive lies on them, or if they struggle too violently whilst restrained by them.

An alternative is to use leather bondage cuffs. These have less risk of injuring the captive.

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