Straitjacket hogtie

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A straitjacket hogtie

A straitjacket hogtie is a variant of hogtie bondage.

The victim is bound in a straitjacket. His/her ankles (and often the knees as well) are then tied together, and the ankle bonds joined to the rear of the straitjacket, forcing the legs backwards as in a normal hogtie. This differs from a normal hogtie, because the wrists will not be near the ankles. In that respect, it resembles a box hogtie.

Since the victim's hands are trapped by the straitjacket's sleeves, it is impossible to reach any knots, making this harder to escape from than a normal hogtie. Also, because the victim's legs are immobilised, it is more difficult to remove the straitjacket than if the legs were free.

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