Supine hogtie

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A supine hogtie is a variant of the hogtie when the victim is left lying on his or her back. The form of bondage differs from a conventional hogtie.

The victim's hands are tied together at the wrists, behind the back, normally with the palms facing away from the body, one hand over the other, to make it less uncomfortable to lie on them. That rope then goes around the waist and back to the hands and is secured, holding the arms against the body. This greatly reduces the ability to move the arms. The victim is then laid on on his or her back, the legs are drawn up towards the body and that rope is used to tie the ankles in a crossed X position.

The victim's front, including the breasts and crotch, is now totally accessible.

Most people in this position are unable to turn onto the front, as the elbows and knees are now both tied in a position extending out from their body, thus hindering the ability to roll over.

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