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A spread hogtie

A spread hogtie is a variant of hogtie bondage.

Whereas in a normal hogtie the captive's wrists and ankles are usually tied together, in a spread hogtie they are spread apart by being fastened to the opposite ends of a spreader bar, or two such bars fixed together, behind the victim. The bar may be pulled up using head bondage, causing the legs to bend further. There may be a further bar fixed between the knees to reduce the mobility of the legs.

It is difficult or impossible for the victim to turn over or to move.

Another technique is to put the victim's legs in a lotus tie, and then add a rope joining the wrists and ankles.

If the captive is turned onto his or her back, the crotch and groin are more easily accessible than in a conventional hogtie with the legs pressed together.

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