Suspended hogtie

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Suspended hogtie
Suspended hogtie; not so much that he or she is clear of the ground
Lifted while hogtied

A suspended hogtie is a combination of suspension bondage and hogtie bondage.

It may be done in two ways. The victim may be hogtied, then supported by additional ropes or straps around the upper body above and below the breasts as well as around the folded legs, separate from (though possibly linked to) the hogtie bonds. These ropes can be used to lift the person into the air. Ropes can be placed in different areas to reduce the strain on the body being lifted in this manner. In this case, the victim is normally suspended face down, but may be placed in any position.

The second method is far simpler, but has much greater risk of dislocation of the arms. The victim may be tied with rope, but to reduce strain on the wrists and ankles suspension cuffs may be used. With the victim lying on their stomach, their wrists and ankles are bound together, and the suspension line is attached to the wrist and ankle bonds. When lifted, the victim is suspended with their arms and legs behind them with all their weight taken by the wrists and ankles. In this case, the victim is necessarily face down and gravity causes the back to arch. While this position is completely inescapable, it is also a very stringent and painful position with considerable tension on the limbs, and can easily lead to serious injury if not practised correctly.

A technique that partially reproduces the second method is to start lifting the victim, but not so much that he or she is completely unsupported by the surface below.

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