Vertical hogtie

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Vertical hogtie with support ropes and hair bondage
Vertical hogtie propped against wall with elbow bondage

A vertical hogtie is a variant of hogtie bondage in which the bound person is balanced vertically on his or her knees with the feet off the ground. Support ropes may be used to ensure that the victim does not fall over. This leaves the person balanced on their knees in a very difficult position to maintain.

Alternatively, the victim may be propped up against the wall or a piece of furniture. In this case, there is more risk of the person falling over.

As there is considerable pressure on the knees, the victim should be on a very soft surface and knee pads may be worn. If much of the weight is taken by the support ropes, this comes close to suspension bondage. Alternatively, if the victim can also rest on his or her feet, it becomes a kneeling hogtie.

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